Welcome to the card design page.  Everything you need to create the perfect holiday card is below.  Look through each of the steps, make your selections along the way, and then fill out the form below.  Once we receive that, we'll put together a sample and email it to you for your approval.  After your initial sample, you may make up to two revisions (aside from misspellings or errors on our part).  Any additional revisions after that will incur a $35 design fee per request.  Requests for more than one card layout can be accommodated with a $25 design fee per card (beyond the first).  When the final design is presented, it is up to the client to proofread and double check to be sure that all is correct including all spelling and punctuation.  If a card is printed with errors and the client has approved the card, the client will be responsible for all reprinting fees.


If you'd prefer a custom design, we would love to create something just for you.  With a $75 creation fee, we'll work together on your own one of a kind card.  Please contact us for more information.  Note that for full session clients, a $500 print order must be met before cards may be ordered.



Prices are listed at a per set price, 25 cards to a set, white envelopes are included.  

5x7 folded cards or 5x7 flat - $85

5.25x8 folded cards or 5.25x8 flat - $100

5x7 wide format (5x14 when card is open) - $125

5.25x8 wide format (5.25x16 when card is open) - $125

5x7 tri-fold (six panels total versus four) - $150



Matte - 130# weight, bright white, thick stock made from 100% recycled products

Pearl - 130# weight, which stock with a bit of shimmer adding a luminous effect 

Linen - 110# weight, this stock has a subtle, yet luxurious linen patter imprint




Scroll through the gallery below so see all of the front layout options and select your favorite.

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Below are some examples of inside layout options.  You can either select one of these, or we can select the design that best fits your chosen images.  You will select 1-4 photos for the inside as well as your own greeting/message.

(click below to advance through the layouts)


Scroll through the gallery below to select the layout you'd like for the back of your card.

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All card orders include premium thick white envelopes.  We also have the option of custom imprinting.  Design can be made to match your card selection, address is in the upper left hand corner.  Custom envelope imprinting is $24 per set of 25.   

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 2.23.09 PM.png
Name *
Input the image number you'd like for the front of your card. Please select only one image unless the design you've chosen has more images.
Choose which one of our high quality papers that you'd like your card printed on.
Input the image numbers you'd like for the inside of your card. You may select 1, 2, 3, or 4 images.
Input the image number you'd like for the back of your card. You may select a single image or enter 'no image' if you'd rather leave it blank.
Envelope upgrade
Custom envelope imprinting
Use the box below to list out your message/greeting. Please include any and all text that you'd like for your card.